When investing in foreign exchange market, one must be extremely careful in order not to lose his or her capital within the initial period of investing. There is a bunch of most common mistakes committed by budding players, which could be avoided by following simple rules and the use of forex demo account. First of all, new traders try to gather as much information about the market as possible instead of using a smaller number of verified sources. Try relying on sources recommended by a forex broker. As it is an institution operating on the market for a longer time, it has already checked many web pages, magazines or Twitter accounts. Best forex brokers would offer an extensive help on gathering your personal list. Inappropriate timing is another common fallacy. Every forex broker offers lots of currency pairs to deal. Besides, there is a multitude of trading strategies that promise high margins. Inexperienced traders with low capital try to use as much tactics as possible to accomplish the best profit, but they often end up with a loss.

Top forex brokers allow their clients to run a forex demo where one can try all the strategies and pick up the best one fitting their preferences the most, whether it is a long-term investing or scalping. After mastering the use of such a forex account, an investor is able to properly evaluate the right time to enter and exit, profit – winning trades. Another popular obstacle which touches many tyro investors are emotions. Greed and fear lie beneath every market activity and controlling them is essential. An investor cannot be at risk – blind gunfighter or fear – driven beastie. It is possible to partially control emotions consciously when training on a forex demo. Probably the most important issue is to choose your broker wisely. Seek for regulated forex brokers, who are subject to government control and are fully accountable to the law.