Speculation on currencies has never been a straightforward way of investing and this statement is becoming more and more accurate at present. The times when exchange rates were reflecting relationships and links in the real part of the countries’ economies are long gone and you can’t expect them to come back. Every single forex broker must have realized that by now most of the decisions concerning international currency markets are made behind closed doors of national central banks and those of the biggest financial institutions of the world. Even the best forex brokers could not predict actions such as the sudden discontinuation of keeping the Swiss Franc exchange rate artificially low by the Swiss National Bank last year. As a result, not only huge hedge funds, but also some clients of top forex brokers operating on huge leverage had to file for bankruptcy. In real life investment enviroment, you cannot use a forex demo account, so the losses really hurt. At now, central banks in Europe and in the United States keep the interest rates at a very low levels, what makes investing in currencies harder even for investors of top forex brokers.

National central banks undertook an inflationary strategy of global debt reduction by collecting the government bonds. As a result, an average citizen is forced to protect the real value of his or her savings. Easy and safe way of earning a margin higher than on a bank account is to turn to a regulated forex broker. Before opening a forex account, he or she may provide you with a necessary help and a piece of advice. It is also possible to start a forex demo, if you are willing to invest in currencies, but you think you need some prior training. Many forex platforms offer a possibility to improve both analytical and observation skills. After successfully competing using a forex demo, nothing restrains you from earning high margins.